Airbus - CIDS Cabin Management System

High-Tech for air passengers: In Airbus aircraft, software from redlogix controls comfort and safety functions in the plane's passenger compartments and supports the crew in their daily work.

If every byte counts...

In many products that surround us every day, software works on microcontrollers with very limited resources (memory, processing power, energy). This software must be highly optimized in order to reliably perform its work on the limited hardware platform.

Testing in a Virtual Environment

The combined employment of a SiL and Hil based test environment (SiL = Software in the Loop, HiL = Hardware in the Loop) from redlogix for verification of embedded software in the medical field ensures patient safety.

Autonomously through the air

In an air drone system for the purpose of aerial reconnaissance, software from redlogix is in charge of important control tasks and payload data processing.

Better Safe than Sorry

In complex industrial systems and devices that may imperil their environment or man, safety control systems with software from redlogix ensures safety even in exceptional situations.

Industrial Robots

Many products that are an integral part of our daily life are manufactured by robots in which redlogix software takes care of crucial control and regulation tasks.

Smart Metering

Modern metering devices allow fine-grained time-dependent tariffs that enable energy supply companies to provide incentives for their customers to consume energy when it is available at low cost.

Automotive Control Units

In modern automobiles, many interlinked microcontrollers are responsible for our comfort and safety. Also on board is software developed by redlogix.

Testing on the Assembly Line

With the help of the application and communication framework developed by redlogix, our customer can efficiently implement test bench applications for the production of intelligent metering devices.

Black-Box for Railway Vehicles

Continuous recording of operating data in order to determine fault causes is needed not only in aircraft. That is why rail vehicles are equipped with data recorders for the exact same purpose - with software from redlogix.

Astronomy in the Sky

The redlogix control software for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) supports scientists to make interesting new discoveries in the endless expanses of the universe.

The Stars within Reach

With control software made by redlogix the European Southern Observatory (ESO) operates one of the largest astronomical telescopes in the world, the Very Large Telescope (VLT), on Mount Paranal in the Chilean Andes.

Motors in Motion

The motor controller module that was developed by redlogix and is tailored to the specific requirements of the Very Large Telescope, controls a large number of axes within the VLT.

Adaptive Optics

A fundamental handicap of ground-based astronomical telescopes, the effect of atmospheric turbulence can be compensated with adaptive optics. redlogix has faced this technically highly demanding task.

Astronomical Instruments in Control

The Unit Telescopes of the VLT can be interlinked to form a huge astronomical interferometer. The control software for astronomical instruments used therein is provided by redlogix.