Customized Software Solutions

redlogix Software & System Engineering GmbH is providing customized software solutions for technical applications, especially in the areas of embedded systems and real-time software. This includes for instance:

  • Embedded software for equipment and machinery for a wide range of tasks in many industries (for example industrial automation, measurement instrumentation, medical equipment, home appliances, aviation, transportation)
  • Distributed real-time applications for data acquisition, supervision and control in complex technical processes
  • Graphical user interfaces for PCs, embedded applications and mobile devices

Realtime & Embedded Software

What makes real-time applications so special is the requirement to guarantee the execution of defined processes within strict deadlines. In embedded systems, these software processes are also related to real processes, which require the acquisition and processing of physical parameters and are often safety-critical in nature. Therefore the demands on reliability, safety, performance and quality of such software are very high. redlogix has adopted these attributes as the measure for its development of customer specific software.

Our Services

Our software engineering services cover the entire software development process, i.e. requirements analysis, architecture and software design, implementation, as well as the associated verification activities including project planning and project management. Depending on the customer's needs

  • we completely handle this process or only take individual steps,
  • we develop the entire software application or only some particular modules.

We offer our development services either as a fixed-price assignment on the basis of a precise specification or in close cooperation with our customers by billing on time and material.

your project... our mission - so our slogan, is directing our work: We take care of your projects with passion and consider it our mission to run them with success.

We would be very pleased to welcome you soon as another satisfied customer. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Logo redBlocksWith the toolkit redBlocks you can save considerable time and expenses when developing Embedded Software for microcontroller platforms with limited resources (e.g. ARM Cortex-M based SoCs). It also provides a Software-in-the-Loop Environment in order to implement fully automated integration tests.

Logo RX.BApp

A common requirement for embedded applications is to offer a way to configure, update and operate them via a smartphone or tablet app. Based on our framework RX.BApp, we are able to efficiently and cost-effectively develop both the App and the required infrastructure on the embedded target system for communication via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Logo RX.control

For complex control applications on Embedded PCs with a Linux operating system, the platform RX.control is the right way to go. Based on the platform's existing infrastructure, the development process can focus on the specific functionality of the application.

Training Courses: Embedded Know-How from the Field

All redlogix training products are developed from years of experience in software development projects we did for our customers. From the feedback to our work in the field we are able to optimize our training courses according to the current technical trends and can offer cutting-edge topics to the participants of our training sessions.

Training Series 'Embedded Software Development in C++'

Learn how to apply the right methodology and efficiently use the programming language in order to benefit even on extremely small embedded platforms from the advantages of the programming language C++ and develop best reusable software components without any runtime overhead.

Training Course 'Software Architecture und Design Patterns for Embedded Systems'

The training course focuses on the special challenges, embedded systems with limited resources impose on the object oriented software architecture. In addition to UML basics, design patterns are discussed based on practical examples from the world of embedded software.