Project Management

In addition to in-depth familiarity with the technology involved in specific industries, it also takes intelligent use of available resources to achieve optimum results when implementing any major software development project.

The redlogix priorities include efficient planning and professional project management. This focus allows redlogix to guarantee efficient, reliable implementation, especially when it comes to complex large-scale software projects.


One of the primary factors behind the success of redlogix can be found in the way the company plans software projects from the very beginning. All development phases, implementation timetables and required resources are defined before the offer is submitted to the client. This approach provides the basis for maximum reliability during actual implementation.

The members of the future project team, and in particular the project manager, are involved in the planning process from the very beginning. Concrete milestones are then defined to permit objective measurement of progress at regular intervals all the way up to completion.

Project Implementation

Since all tasks are assigned and coordinated prior to startup, the project can be conducted with maximum efficiency as soon as it begins. Project plans are constantly updated as the project progresses, and this applies even if the overall situation changes.

This permits precise monitoring of progress and early detection of potential problems during all project phases.

Risk Management

In-depth experience in the management of software projects enables redlogix to preclude many typical problems by taking timely preventive measures in advance. redlogix also uses active risk-management techniques, especially when it comes to drawing up implementation timetables. For example, buffer periods are provided to safeguard important deadlines.

Efficient company-wide deployment of human resources is the key to reliable planning. Centralized master plans assign all developers to parallel projects as a function of needs. Here too, reliable planning is a major priority for redlogix. Experience has shown, for example, that a developer cannot productively spend 100 % of his working hours on the same project.

Up-to-date planning provides the overview it takes to introduce corrective measures in time to maintain productivity.

The overall goal of all of these measures is to achieve maximum quality in the interest of our clients. Since quality is in general very much a function of available time, redlogix considers precision planning to be one of the major factors that can have a decisive effect upon the outcome and ultimate success of a project.


Intensive communication with the client through the entire duration of the project is another factor that can contribute considerably to the success of a project. In addition, redlogix adopts a "proactive” approach to project management. That means that each and every individual involved in a project is committed to and actively works to ensure the success of the overall project. One of the ways this is achieved is by drawing the attention of others to potential problems—or opportunities—early on.
redlogix uses meetings, status reports and open project plans to make projects even more transparent. This is one more way to give clients the opportunity to check results, monitor progress and evaluate potential risks.


Project Strukture

The project teams are assembled individually according to the respective project requirements. The head of the project team may devote full or part time to the project, depending upon the scope of the project. The team head is also the primary contact person for the client.

These individually assembled teams are integrated into a permanent project management structure. The central project manager’s responsibilities include central project coordination, project monitoring and project auditing.


Given the fundamental importance of project management, systematic enhancement of the skills and qualifications of our personnel is a major concern of redlogix.

redlogix Services

As a result of its in-depth technical expertise and long years of experience in the management of complex projects, redlogix offers clients the option to completely outsource large-scale software projects. This way the outsourced project is carried out successfully.

If desired, clients can also opt to take advantage of the redlogix project management experience by having our specialists head their own in-house development groups or participate in mixed groups consisting of redlogix and client development personnel.