Consulting and Coaching

At the beginning of a major software development project, it is necessary to formulate a certain number of important basic questions. The quality of the answers to these questions will certainly impact the ultimate success of the overall project.

  • What real-time system should be used? And what language?
  • How can the details in the specifications be handled with the means provided by the various systems?
  • How can requirements be efficiently used to specify an architecture?
  • What process model is the right one to use? And what development process?

redlogix offers its customers comprehensive and individual support by consultants and trainers who are themselves experienced software developers.


Overview of our Consulting Services

  • use of real-time and standard operating systems (VxWorks, QNX, uC-OS, CMX, EmbOS, ...)
  • Linux for Embedded Systems / Real-Time-Applications
  • design of system architecture on the basis of specifications
  • object oriented software design for real-time applications
  • development of embedded applications by with reusable C++ software components
  • architecture for distributed real-time applications
  • development of graphical user interfaces in embedded systems
  • infrastructure selection
  • use of process models
  • driver and machine-oriented software development

Our Experience

It takes in-depth familiarity with the various products and process variants to be able to answer technical questions. On the other hand, it also takes considerable experience in order to be able to choose the right options for a given project.

Our customers are the ones who possess the required knowledge when it comes to project requirements. On the other hand, we at redlogix can provide the necessary expertise when it comes to tools, techniques and processes.

We have been involved as consultants in many applications for real-time applications where we also have extensive project experience. These include the following, to mention a few:

  • six-axis industrial robots
  • Airbus A380
  • inspection stations for silicon wafers
  • telescope controls
  • industrial image processing
  • medical equipment
  • digital printing systems

Our Offer

redlogix has acquired an excellent reputation in the area of real-time systems and control development. Using advanced development methods, we create customer specific software. The sheer variety of the techniques and products that we are confronted with means that we are constantly adding to our wealth of experience in the area of real-time applications. On this experience, our customers can rely anytime.

Given this situation, we can offer efficient consulting services and assistance with specific problems in the context of projects involving the development of technical software. At the same time, this completes the range of services we offer, which are concentrated in the development area.

Our Consulting Spectrum

The aspects reviewed below help to explain the goal of our consulting activities. We are completely committed to technologies and methods that are both practical and at the same time future-oriented. This is one way we make sure that the software we develop is efficient and successful.

All our consultants are experienced software developers in the area of real-time applications. Given their long years of involvement in the context of many different types of projects, we are in a position to offer our customers consulting and coaching services to meet virtually any needs.

redlogix can provide the support you need with real-time operating systems such as VxWorks and QNX as well as  Linux / RT-Linux. We can also help you with the specification of the system architecture, the use of object-oriented design techniques, the use of C++ for embedded applications and the architecture for distributed real-time applications.

In addition, we can provide assistance when it comes to questions that arise in connection with the corresponding user interfaces. You can also count on us to select your infrastructure and provide basic services for real-time systems or the use of procedural models for developing small, medium and large applications.

Last, but far from least, we can provide the necessary support for machine-oriented programming, driver development and the use of different hardware platforms, including VMEbus, IPC, PowerPC, ARM and much more.

And we are certainly offering consulting services and individual project coaching for our rapid embedded software development tookit redBlocks.


When it comes to consulting and the development of real-time systems, you can count on redlogix, and our list of references includes the names of well-known companies to prove it.

So, why not contact us to find out what we can do for you?