RX.control – Application Framework

An essential part of the RX.control architecture pattern is characterized by the structure of the application processes:


  • Specific program arguments
  • Cooperation with the defined startup process
  • Configuration via the database
  • Support of the monitoring by the application manager
  • Provision of public data in the database
  • Participation in messaging
  • Event processing
  • Maintenance of a defined automatic state machine

In addition, there are other aspects that usually affect every application process:

  • Linux signal handling
  • Error handling
  • Logging of operations, events, and errors
  • Persistence
  • Communication
  • Threads for auxiliary purposes

Diagram Application Structure


In one form or another, such features are required in every multi-process application, even when choosing a different architecture. With the Application Framework (see Infrastructure Software in Layer Model), RX.control provides all the mentioned functions, features and behavior, fully implemented and thoroughly tested!