RX.control – Layer Model

The RX.control platform consists of the parts Infrastructure Software, Operating System and Embedded PC as illustrated in the following layer model:


RX.control Schichtenmodell


Infrastructure Software

The infrastructure software includes typical components that are usually required by complex multi-process applications:

  • Configuration of a system made of multiple processes
  • Start, stop and monitoring of the application system
  • Framework for application processes (see Application Framework)
  • Interprocess communication via messages
  • In-Memory-Database for data exchange
  • Data storage for BLOBs (Binary Large Objects, e.g. camera images, measurement records)
  • Logging of operations, events, and errors
  • Means of error handling
  • Communication via network with clients and between controllers
  • Abstraction from the operating system

Operating System

The operating system is a Linux distribution that is tailored and optimized for use on an embedded PC or industrial PC. This includes, for example, the following properties:

  • integration with the hardware platform
  • fast boot process
  • low disk space and memory requirements
  • real-time capability: fast, priority-driven and deterministic scheduling
  • robustness against switching off during operation or sudden loss of power
  • optimization of network behavior
  • kernel tuning for control requirements
  • update and upgrade mechanism

Industrial PCs

For the hardware platform, we rely on Industrial PCs (IPC), which are robust enough for harsh environments in industry, automation, research or transportation. The concept of PC-based Control is gaining importance in the course of Industry 4.0.

We offer a range of industrial PCs from brand-name manufacturers and various form factors on which the RX.control software is already fully integrated and tested. The range extends from DIN-rail PCs for the control cabinet, small mini boxes and 19-inch cabinet PCs, to very high-performance Core I7 multi-core computers with PCI(e) slots in box format.

In combination with the RX.control software, complete HW / SW platforms are available "out of the box". The use of the RX.control software is certainly also possible on custom systems. We offer optional services for the integration of the RX.control software on custom control PCs.

We also offer system engineering services for the integration of specific devices, I/Os, drives, etc., which round off the entire system.