RX.control – Device Integration

Application specific devices get integrated into the RX.control system essentially in two ways:

  • Devices with serial, USB or Ethernet connection are connected directly or via hubs or switches to the industrial PC. The corresponding drivers are integrated into the OS layer.
  • Other devices, I/O signals, fieldbuses, etc. are connected via intelligent bus terminals (DIN rail modules). For this purpose, a PLC module can also be included, which can deal for itself with simpler parts of the I/O logic of an overall system. The communication with the industrial PC is done via Ethernet and Modbus/TCP. As an alternative to a phyiscal PLC, a Soft-PLC can also be integrated on the industrial PC. In compact systems, the industrial PC itself can be mounted on the DIN rail.

In this context redlogix offers system engineering services and / or consulting for the design of control systems.

The following diagram illustrates the concept by example of a control system for professional telescopes, designed by redlogix.

RX.control Device Integration